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Mediation is a severely underused method for solving intellectual property/patent disputes. An attempt to take a stand when intellectual property rights appear to be violated may precipitate incredible costly and time-consuming legal procedures. And finally, the case may end up in front of jurors that do not decide according to the scientific merits of the case.

Especially in the case of small companies and inventions of yet unknown value, this process may do more harm than good. These cases, however, frequently lend themselves to all kinds of win-win scenarios if just the lines of communication can be improved. A creative and experienced mediator can find such a way out. While a mediator does not have to be an expert to be successful, it definitely saves time and thus money in getting the scientific points across if he/she is hired to mediate for resolution. Contact us.

Areas of mediation experience:

  • Patents/intellectual property (IP) disputes in biotechnology/medicine
  • Higher education
  • Fashion and fashion technology (wearables) industry 
  • International mediation (native-level German language skills)